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6 Other documentation

There are a number of sources for information on OpenBSD PF and firewalls in general available on the Internet. Here's a short summary of stuff that might be interesting:
The original homepage of what is now OpenBSD PF.
The IPFilter HOWTO. Though the HOWTO you're reading right now tries to be as complete as possible with regard to OpenBSD PF, it might be interesting to look at OpenBSD PF's roots too.
The Linux Firewall and Proxy HOWTO, which also covers the subject of setting up user-space proxies such as Squid and SOCKS. Written for Linux, but might be of interest to OpenBSD users as well.
OpenBSD manual page on the pfctl program.
OpenBSD manual page on the format of OpenBSD PF rulesets.
OpenBSD manual page on the pf device. Mainly of interest for developers.

Wouter Coene 2002-04-05