PuTTY semi-bug long-usernames

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summary: Increase space allocated to auto-login username
class: semi-bug: This might or might not be a bug, depending on your precise definition of what a bug is.
difficulty: fun: Just needs tuits, and not many of them.
fixed-in: 2002-09-13 0.53 (0.54) (0.55) (0.56) (0.57) (0.58) (0.59) (0.60)

Trivial fix: PuTTY truncates the `auto-login username' field to about 32 characters. Some sites have taken to allocating usernames of the form username@verrylongdomainname.org, so we've received some requests to increase this.

Now increased to ~100 chars.

Audit trail for this semi-bug.

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