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Austria, Vienna
Belgium, Brussels
Czech Republic, Prague
Denmark, Holbaek
France, Angers
France, Paris
Germany, Berlin
Germany, Kassel
Germany, Frankfurt am Main
Germany, Frankfurt am Main
Germany, Köln
Germany, Munich
Greece, Athens
Italy, Milan
Latvia, Riga
Netherlands, Amsterdam
Netherlands, Amsterdam
Netherlands, Hoofddorp
Netherlands, Schiphol Rijk
Netherlands, Utrecht
Norway, Oslo
Poland, Warsaw
Romania, Bucharest
Romania, Bucharest
Russia, Novosibirsk

Slovenia, Ljubljana
Spain, Madrid
Spain, Malaga
Sweden, Stockholm
Switzerland, Basel
Switzerland, Zuchwil
UK, London
UK, Oxford

North America:

Canada, Alberta, Edmonton
Canada, ON, Gloucester
USA, CA, Bay area
USA, FL, Homestead
USA, IL, Chicago
USA, MN, Brainerd
USA, NY, New York
USA, NY, White Plains
USA, PA, Philadelphia
USA, PA, Pittsburgh
USA, TX, Corpus Christi
USA, UT, Salt Lake City

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Central America:

Costa Rica

South America:

Argentina, Buenos Aires
Argentina, Buenos Aires
Argentina, Pergamino

Middle East/Africa:

South Africa, Cape Town

East Asia/Pacific:

China, Chengdu
China, Shanghai
Indonesia, Jakarta
Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
South Korea, Seoul
Japan, Kyoto
Japan, Shizuoka
Japan, Tokyo
Japan, Tokyo
Taiwan, Tainan
Taiwan, NCTU
Taiwan, Providence
Vietnam, HoChiMinh